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UFC 216

The lightweight division has been anxious in Conor McGregor’s nonappearance. Numerous champion warriors are inside maybe a couple wins of a title shot however two of them have the open door this end of the week, at UFC 216 in Las Vegas, to grab hold of the between time title.

They will sit on the lightweight honored position until the point when Conor comes back to challenge their authenticity, featuring what will probably be one of the greatest pay-per-see occasions in UFC history.

The break belt is absolutely the brilliant ticket for one of these two warriors, however the other will be tossed once again in with the general mish-mash at lightweight and should cut out a moment endeavor at the title. Waste talk has been extraordinary and personal.Tony Ferguson has been balanced for a title shot for quite a while. Riding a nine-battle streak, he is the reasonable most loved for a title contender. His enemy is a little further down the rankings yet is climbing the list in jumps. Pummeling and choking individuals left, right and focus, Kevin Lee resembles the perfect B-side for Conor’s arrival.

Streak, reckless and compelling, Lee has risen rapidly with a couple of amazing wins. His initially round stoppage of Jake Matthews amid a year ago’s International Fight Week saw Lee demonstrate his wrestling abilities, his control on the tangle, and how physically forcing he can be over another solid competitor.

Against Francisco Trinaldo in March he demonstrated a capacity to regroup after a harsh first round and adjust to another difficulties; all lessons he may need to draw upon when confronting Tony Ferguson, who is a quick starter and famously strange.

Speaking to tenth Planet Jiu Jitsu, drove by Eddie Bravo, Ferguson has a huge range of aptitudes and is sufficiently innovative to discover the complete in some uncommon conditions. His flare in the hooking range saturates his entire game.Comfortable exchanging positions, he spills out of one power strike to another, benefitting as much as possible from his protracted reach. Strafing his rival, the abnormal points at which he tosses his punches tend to get them through their protect. In the event that he doesn’t stop them with strikes he will wrap them up in a D’arce stifle and power them to tap.

Ferguson has been noticeably disturbed at each experience with Lee. It appears as though Tony recognized Lee as a potential danger to his title yearnings, and now Kevin has talked up a tempest and made this open door, Tony needs to beat another best contender before getting his hands on a belt.

What he truly needs is the McGregor battle – belt or no belt, that is the extraordinary battle. This battle with Kevin Lee for the break title could turn out to be a pointless risk.Lee has every one of the fixings expected to close Ferguson down yet to do that he needs to avoid peril. Tony Ferguson conveys an exceptional bedlam to the Octagon and in that disarray is a wide range of risk: precise and substantial punches, cutting and crushing elbows and a standout amongst the most creative accommodation diversions in the game.

There are few battles as hard to pick a victor as this one. Either man could win amazingly and either man can drag a battle out of the other. It could be a speedy complete or a forward and backward war. Regardless of what happens, it will be electric while it keeps going.

In the co-headliner UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, will at long last find the opportunity to guard his title for the eleventh time, in a battle that was initially booked for UFC 215. Disease constrained Ray Borg to pull back from the coordinate, however this youthful, forceful contender is resolved to make the stroll to the Octagon this end of the week and come back to his locker live with the world title.Borg is falling off two wins over best 10 positioned Louis Smolka and Jussier Formiga. On the off chance that he is to irritate Johnson then the record for back to back title resistances will be left tied at 10 with Anderson Silva, yet the first and final UFC flyweight champion will be the overwhelming most loved going into this fight.After turning into the UFC’s first since forever flyweight champion, Johnson approached getting out the division in the most great of ways. Amid his rule he has submitted John Moraga, Chris Cariaso, Kyoji Horiguchi and Wilson Reis, grabbing the record for most recent complete in a MMA battle, at 4.59 of the fifth round.

He has additionally thumped out Joe Benavidez and Henry Cejudo in the first round and has gathered seven execution rewards. Add six further choice triumphs to his resume and what you have is the most overwhelming champion in UFC history.

On the off chance that he can close out Ray Borg it might be a great opportunity to look outside of his division for ‘Superfights’ to get some enormous pay-per-see openings, until the point when a commendable contender rises up out of the flyweight pack.

Beam Borg had recently begun his beginner vocation when Demetrious ventured down to flyweight and started his unbeaten run.Borg’s whole profession has occurred amid the title rule of Johnson, much the same as Chris Weidman’s amid Anderson Silva’s amazingness. No one gave Weidman a shot in that battle, not by any means Anderson. There is a peril of smugness when you have closed down a division for quite a long while and the greater part of the best contenders have just been vanquished. The other risk is the energy of a man with nothing to lose. That is simply the circumstance Ray Borg finds.

Borg is as yet a creating warrior, enhancing starting with one battle then onto the next, particularly now he’s moved to the Jackson-Wink camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn will take a gander at Borg’s crude ability and range of abilities and know where to enhance it and which holes to fill in his amusement. They will likewise have the capacity to build up a course of action to beat Johnson.

The inquiry is whether they can get ready Borg all around ok to complete that blueprint. Demetrious Johnson’s association with his long-term mentor, Matt Hume, is very stunning. Their comprehension has been a central point is the champion’s prosperity.

They will take a gander at Borg and recognize similar things that I have in our current scene of Inside the Octagon. He is solid and confused, with great wrestling abilities and a nature for strangulation. He strikes in quick and fairly rash whirlwinds until the point when he gets his hands on his adversary. At that point he hammers them to the tangle in the most emotional way imaginable and as they scramble back to their feet, he hops on their back and gags them.Having once myself been the title contender against apparently inconceivable chances, confronting Georges St Pierre, I comprehend where Borg is at this time.

He needs to enter the Octagon arranged to roll the dice and take a few risks. I think back on my battle and feel like I invested the greater part of my energy holding up to guard, when in reality I ought to have recently assaulted the man, similar to I would have regularly. The quality around a longstanding champion can in some cases overcome the contender before the battle has even begun.

Borg needs to pursue this man. He should understand that he will need to adjust rapidly as it will probably be a brief training in title MMA, in any case, each man in helpless. As impeccable as DJ appears, in the confusion of battle a punch can arrive or a neck can be snatched and things change in a moment.

Watch UFC 216: Ferguson versus Lee live on BT Sport 2 from 1am BST on the morning of Sunday, October 8 or catch the Early Prelims solely on UFC Fight Pass from 11:15pm BST on Saturday

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